Research Programs


Regenerative Medicine is an interface between a traditional device and human tissue, working to augment dysfunctional tissues or organs. This line of research strives to improve a function within body or cells by combining both device and cell research.

Regenerative Medicine focuses on the core of the CII, working to improve heart and vasculature systems. The division is currently using the technology of electro spinning to create tissue scaffolds for blood vessel and heart repair. Polymers are used to make extra fine fibers, or bio-mimicking materials, which the human body does not detect as foreign, letting the body heal more naturally. The fibers eventually re-absorb, leaving nothing but true human tissue in place where the initial injury once lived.

Tissue dissociation and adipose tissue are also being researched as additional cell sources, using these technologies to make off-the-shelf tissue engineered fiber which can be put into the patient at the time of the surgical intervention.

Division Chief

Stuart Williams, Ph.D.


Stuart Williams, Ph.D.
Nolan Boyd, Ph.D.
James Hoying, Ph.D.
Bradley Keller, M.D.
Amanda LeBlanc, Ph.D.
Balamurugan Appakalai, Ph.D.
Shizuka Uchida, Ph.D.