Research Programs


The Division of Cardiovascular Therapeutics (CVT) is comprised of CII and Collaborative Investigators researching innovative therapies and technologies targeting the cardiovascular system. Division Investigators have internationally recognized expertise in all aspects of the life sciences, biomedicine, bioengineering, biotechnology and biomedical commercialization.

Activities within the Division include the exploration of the underlying biology of cardiovascular disease, the investigation of therapeutic cell behavior and utilization, the implementation of early and mid-phase biomedical commercialization processes, the performance of pre-clinical and clinical trials, and the development of new research methods, technologies and translation pathways. While the therapies and technologies being developed within the Division are relevant to many diseases, much of CVT’s work emphasizes ischemic disease, including heart attack and angina; peripheral vessel diseases, including microcirculatory dysfunction; vascular development disorders; and stroke.

A common focus of the Investigators is cell-based therapies: the use of cells as therapeutic agents for treating injury and illness. Researchers within the CVT address all aspects of developing and implementing cell-based therapies including the characterization and harvest of therapeutically relevant cells, investigation of approaches to manipulate the cells to enhance therapeutic efficacy, and development of methods to package and deliver the cells to the patient. In addition to developing therapies, cell-based technologies are being used to establish experimental tissue mimics and other cardiovascular cell-based assays for diagnostics and testing.

Division Chief

James B. Hoying, Ph.D.


Nolan L. Boyd, Ph.D.
James B. Hoying, Ph.D.
Amanda LeBlanc, Ph.D.
Stuart K. Williams, Ph.D.