Laman A. Gray , Jr., M.D.

Executive and Medical Director

PHONE 502-852-1381

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Laman Gray, Jr., M.D., oversees CII’s clinical translation program as its medical director. Dr. Gray’s vision to promote translational research by unifying basic science and clinical practice was the foundation for the Cardiovascular Innovation Institute. Throughout his distinguished career as a cardiothoracic surgeon, Dr. Gray has been a pioneer in the field of cardiovascular assist devices and artificial organ transplantation.

Dr. Gray is an internationally recognized leader in the fields of artificial hearts and circulatory support systems. He performed the first heart transplant in Kentucky in 1984. In 2001, his surgical team implanted the first fully implantable replacement heart, the AbioCor™.

Dr. Gray served as director of University of Louisville School of Medicine’s Thoracic and Cardiovascular division for over 33 years. In 2008, he was awarded the University of Kentucky Medallion for Intellectual Achievement, which recognizes high intellectual achievement by Kentuckians.

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