Cardiovascular Innovation Institute Donor Stories

We rely on many sources of funding to advance our work and bring life-saving cardiovascular innovation and medical breakthroughs to the clinic as rapidly as possible. From government agencies, corporations, foundations and individuals, to borrow an oft-overused phrase, it truly takes a village. Heart disease impacts everyone, and every gift matters. Here are just a few stories from some of our supporters. We hope they inspire you to help make a difference and join our fight.

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    Sandford & Melissa Fleck

    A couple of years ago our 15 year old (at the time) daughter was diagnosed with a rare heart condition for which there is no cure.  This was devastating news for us to hear as parents.  As we began searching for facilities and specialists across the country we came to learn that we had a world class facility in our own backyard that is dedicated to curing heart disease.

    We now not only make annual contributions, but also have just made a major planned gift that will support the CII’s mission of improving lives through world-class cardiovascular research, scientific discovery and new enterprise creation.  Although we are in our mid-forties and still in the wealth building phase of our lives, we felt it was important to make a gift that would encourage others to do the same.  It is wonderful to see this happening right here in Louisville, KY.

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    Linda McGinity Jackson

    My heart was broken at the age of 13. Not because like most kids that age I just lost my first family pet, or had my first crush denied. No, for me it was because I lost my father to a heart attack. He was just 38.

    Now, so many years later, he lives on in my memories. I love him still. Always will. I think about him daily. I talk to him, silently in my mind when I need inspiration or help. My dad is one of the reasons I give to the CII. The others include my uncle who passed away from a heart attack and my mom, who had open heart surgery at the age of 73. In the future it will probably be me. Whether it’s because of genetics or lifestyle, heart disease impacts so many. As my story attests, age does not matter. It strikes both young and old. Together we can find a cure.

    I hope you give your time, money and other resources to combat heart disease.

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    Amanda LeBlanc, Ph.D

    Jan Corum, a wonderful Louisvillian involved with many local Women’s service and social groups, has been responsible for introducing the CII and myself to her network of peers through our CII tours. Thanks to Jan, I’ve been able to share my passion and enthusiasm for our research interests on women and heart disease to potential donors on their first visit to the CII.  A donor, in my opinion, can give through financial means and/or through vocal contribution to the research programs underway at the CII.

    Gratefully, I’ve had the opportunity to meet women in these tours who feel a similar passion about what I’m trying to investigate, and they’ve shown me that my research is important to them and their families. Some have helped my laboratory financially, but most all have become voices in the community for awareness of heart disease in women.